Divina Amor

Aug 29

Psych. 125 Unit 15, Ch.1 & Unit 16 Ch.4

Reading through this chapter there were a few things that jumped at me. In the paragraph about norms, the terms “tight” and “loose” made me think conservative and liberal cultures. The one thing that made my jaw drop while reading this was the incident with the Turkish girl and how her family had her executed for having a French boyfriend. This was hard for me to comprehend because as an American we simply do not experience those type of things because of the difference in our cultures. Another thing that caught my attention was that in the end of the “ATTITUDES” paragraph it stated that in some cultures it is expected that if you open a bank account ALL members of your family will have access to your money. I have never heard of that before. It was a very eye opening and interesting chapter to read.

In unit 16 chapter4 three things came at me. First of all the American cultural metaphor being American football is genius. I strongly believe that it is true. I thought it was funny that it is said that the Superbowl has replaced Christmas as the most popular American holiday. Not so sure about that but at home we do celebrate the Superbowl like it’s a holiday, but nothing near a Christmas celebration. Moving along through the reading the Thai terms sanuk and ngan used to describe work as fun was almost bizarre to me. Not that I’m discriminating against Thai ideals toward work but I’m simply comparing it to American’s view on working. In America having to go to work is something Americans complain about and never look forward to. Of course if you have a career it’s usually much different. I also thought it was interesting that when it came to work Thai people looked to get the job done when told by an authority figure and after wards it was all about having fun. I also thought it was funny that Thais hate complainers because looking at my generation there is a lot of complainers. Lastly, looking at the slide the MBA team put together I noticed how much they focused on making everything appealing to Thai people. Every picture had a Thai person that looked  happy and was having fun in places like Disney World( Animal Kingdom) and in Las Vegas ( next to the Pharaoh). They purposely picked these pictures to relate to the cultural metaphor for Thailand, The Thai Kingdom.